Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Heartbreaker, you've got the best of me.

The trials of young love, well more specifically, if we’re going to get scientific, —the laws of attraction. I am no connoisseur of dating, as everyone must already know but I have been frequently reviewing the same concept in my head for weeks. What is it, you may ask yourself. You’re guilty of it, as am I and perhaps all the people we know. So here it goes: taking pride in breaking someone’s heart. Traditionally, heartbreak is gruesome, gut wrenching. You replay every good moment you ever shared with the person, constantly rewinding, pausing and analyzing for an insight as to what went wrong. Let’s backtrack --the breakup, the person who dumped you. In some cases, the person genuinely feels guilty, takes time to thoroughly explain him or herself, and lets you down gently. In others, it hits you like a speeding truck, no explanation, no sorrow, and no remorse. Though both don’t ever offer you the peace of mind you desire, you take the cards you have been dealt and try to move on to the best of your ability. Random sex, binge eating, flirting with the next pretty young thing- all pitiful attempts which leave you sitting at home alone cursing that bitch or bastard’s name, making you feel even more pathetic. Fast-forward five months. You find something that reminds you of that person. You reach to pick up the phone, just a silly little phone call, perhaps a text just to be nonchalant. Best-case scenario, you get a polite response and go on your merry ways. Though when the thought of you comes to them, let’s say- in a conversation with their friends they will make no hesitation to boast over the fact that they “let you down easy,” they “hated to do it” but just had to cut ties, they were the puppeteer of the heartstrings you once wanted to be played. Why is that? Are our egos so big that making someone crumble is enjoyable? A large majority of us have uttered, “I have him/her wrapped around my finger,” or “I have this one on lock.” Do you need that power and sense of superiority to contribute to a relationship? I suppose it’s a part of human nature to keep our vulnerability at bay. When someone reveals them self to us at that level, you take advantage and keep their feelings in your back pocket. I know people who take pride in the fact that if it ever so happened they wanted to step away from their partner, they would walk away unscathed, the other one would be devastated but not them, they could find a replacement in minutes. Since when has dating become like owning a car? You make all the payments, get the oil changed regularly, go to the car wash every two weeks, but in case there’s a crash, you always have insurance.

-Valerie Sullivan 

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Some silly scriblings I found in my notebook.

Was just looking through one of my notebooks and came across these hidden gems.
Silly little things I write, I know.

Two  Two
and  one
Two  Two
2 2
Three  Three
add five
Three Three
3 3
8 8
Eight Eight
Two Two 
2 2
Eight Eight
8 8
In the body of the body
It was the best year of my life.


Shine Shine Shine
Work Work Work
Clank Clank Clank
Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh
Be still
Just be still
No one move
No one leave
Bask in your memories
They are long forgotten
But are you?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

MC's and too much time on CL.

As anyone should know, I read missed connections and personal ads on Craigslist daily. Pathetic, I know. Guilty pleasure? Very much so.

So I stumbled upon this today.

Someone finally wrote one about me. I've been anxiously awaiting this for ages now.
That is also very, very pathetic.
Buuuuut, this dude is probably mad ghetto and not my steez.
Still flattering nonetheless.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Great Show!

As expected, Little Joy never disappoints.
Fun show, party on stage and a cameo by Regina Spektor.
Lovely night, enjoy kiddies.

This video is shot on bolex, which is one of my favorites.

Monday, June 22, 2009

New Song!

I suck at posting, I'm sorry. No one reads this so it's alright.
Here's the newest song I wrote, credit to DG for inspiration.

I sing, no one knows that, but I do.
I think I might muster the strength to upload a video of me singing this song because I love it so.
But I really never sing for anyone...ever.
I always say "more writing on the way!" but I'm as inspired as ever (which I also say ever post). Everything fades, I'm really trying here. Writing impromptu stories and all.

Here it goes:

Second String Quarterback 
By: Valerie Sullivan

They say first is the worst,

Second may be the best.

But what if it turns out, I’m just second best


You choose those girls before me,

Just ‘cause you’re horny

Coming home to me when you need some attention,

Or some more affection


I guess this makes me your second string quarterback

Always benched,

Till you decide its my turn.

I am just sitting,

While you’re the one playing the field.


So what do we do now?

I know that you care,

There’s just something that draws you,

To all those girls’ stares


They may wear high heels,

And they may be older,

But babe, I’m just me.

And with my feelings I cannot be bolder


I guess this makes me your second string quarterback

Always benched,

Till you decide its my turn.

I am just sitting,

While you’re the one playing the field.


I guess this makes me your second string quarterback

Always benched,

Till you decide its my turn.

I am just sitting,

While you’re the one playing the field.


No touchdowns from me, ‘cause I’m just second string.

But maybe, just maybe

Next season I’ll make it to first.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Not so good.

I've been getting too dizzy, too often. Almost daily.

Two writings- One more of a song, the other more of a poem in progress.
Will post them later tonight or tomorrow.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Quick little poem I wrote in class.

To write-only to erase
So quickly with haste
Dry, ink. You must not.
That last streak, you have been caught
I see you, you vanish
You're gone now, less panic